Sunday, April 11, 2010


I don't have much time......I was just lying in bed and heard Mom and my oldest, older brother talking. And here I am giggling because I went into his room earlier to steal his remote since I chewed the wires on mine. I really wanted to play Monster trucks with my youngest, older brother.

Mom busted me twice going in the room and stopped me. Ooohhhhh trouble!! Now there will be more trouble because Oldest, older told her about us eating his candy and digging through his already packed boxes. His room was already a mess, so I don't know how he knew. Maybe we shouldn't have shoved the wrappers under his pillow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spiders Need Homes Too

Mommy got home from work today. I was very happy to see her. My brother and I had found a new pet and he was hanging out on the trampoline.

I gave her a hug and kiss hello and she said I smelled funny. I wonder if she could smell the spider on me?

"We need a house for our new pet tarantula, Mom."

"Your What?" Mom had that look on her face again, like the time she pulled the frog out of the pocket of my jeans when she was doing laundry.

"The tarantula on the trampoline needs a house. He's our new pet."

She interrogated me. She's good at interrogations. Then she ran out of the house to the trampoline. I thought she was just going to take measurements for a house, but NoooOOoooOo.

My brother was doing backflips on the trampoline with the spider. My mother freaked. I don't know why this surprises me. She always over reacts to critters we capture. She grabbed my brother right in the middle of bouncing and brought him down. This was pretty cool, I'm glad she didn't drop him.

I guess spiders don't do so well on trampolines. We will be having his funeral tomorrow. We will bury him under the sycamore tree next to the catepillar, and giant fire ant.

Oh and while we are on the subject of pets... bees don't make good pets, just so you know. I tried to make friends with one and it stung me on the forehead. So no bees, bad pets.

Moms coming to send me to bed now... don't let the bed bugs bite!!!